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    Assess is the only totally web based tool that enables
    you to develop and deliver online surveys, online
    assessments, and online tests and exams in one tool.

Why Assess?

In addition to offering 3 advanced tools in one, Assess provides features and support services you will not get with any common mass market survey, testing, or assessment tool.

We offer many unique and customized features as well as prompt, personal support and guidance from development to delivery to reporting and everything in between. And we are always open to adding new features and capabilities to accommodate your individual needs. Just a couple reasons why our users stay with Assess year after year.

Since 2002 we have successfully met the needs of a broad variety of customers including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, churches, hospitals, government, not-for-profits, universities, and others.

Use Assess for:

  • Pre and post-training tests
  • Multi-rater (such as, 180 and 360) and personal/individual assessments
  • Training course evaluations
  • Incorporating online tests and quizzes with your web based training modules
  • and much more.


  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Organization feedback surveys
  • Employee skills assessments and tests
  • Job candidate screening tests

Our Services

All the Assess tools can be easily integrated with your database, website, shopping cart, or other e-commerce site. And all Assess tools offer comprehensive step-by-step help and reporting capabilities.

We also offer assessment, survey, and test development, maintenance, reporting, and support services to companies who have the need but not the time, expertise, or internal support to do it themselves.

Open your own online school. You provide the content. We provide the platform. (Real estate schools are our specialty.) Learn more


The survey tool collects and reports results from respondants with a variety of immediate and up-to-the-minute results and provides a powerful query tool for filtering your results, so you can report as much or as little of your results as you want in as much or as little detail as you want.

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With the assessment tool you can quickly and easily create and deliver online personal/individual and multi-rater (such as 360) assessments based on your own particular scoring schemes. Choose from and display a wide variety of assessment taker results reporting features. Assess even supports multiple language assessments.

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The testing tool enables you to build self-scoring exams and tests for such applications as pre and post training evaluations, skills and knowledge testing, and quizzes and exams for your online training modules. Set up your exams to be completely self administered, so there is minimal administrative time or effort required by you.

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2 Pricing Options Available

1) Annual Subscription
Survey Tool - $595/yr (See details.)
Assessment Tool - $695/yr (See details.)
Exam Tool - $695/yr (See details.)
Combination - Contact us

2) Assess License
A licensed version is a completely independent version of the Assess master software. But, it retains the same features and capabilities as the master version, including the ability to create as many individual client/customer accounts as you want at no additional fee. Your license has no expiration date and is not dependent on the operation or life of the Assess software. You own your licensed version.

An Assess license is recommended for 1) companies or individuals whose assessment/exam instruments serve a large and/or diverse client base, 2) medium to large companies with many individual departments and/or locations that want to manage their own assessment/exam activity, and 3) companies or individuals who have affiliates and/or resellers whose activity needs to be managed separately. Often, the co-mingling of client assessments/exams and corresponding data in one annual subscription account makes it difficult, if not impossible, to manage. Accordingly, it's easier to coordinate and manage client assessment/exam activity in separate client accounts. That makes for easier control, easier reporting (including client usage), and fewer mix-ups. And since each client has different usage needs you can set usage limits at the individual client account level.

License Features
  • Changes and updates to the master version will not impact your licensed version, unless you choose to participate in the update. And, changes and updates to your licensed version are not migrated to the master version. So, your enhancements belong to you alone, not any other users.
  • Your own branding for your assessments and exams.
  • Your own domain url, such as, www.yourdomain.com.
  • Ability to create as many client accounts and sub-accounts as you want at no additional cost.
  • Master control panel from which you create and manage your client account and sub-account options and settings based on their individual needs.
  • FTP access to upload/download your own files and graphics.
  • Ability to customize your web pages, reports, etc. based on your own needs and your clients' needs.
  • Quick response times, since your licensed version would include only your data and accounts.
  • Ability to create an API between your licensed version of Assess and your own website, database, or e-commerce site.
  • SSL certificate (optional but recommended)
  • Hosting your Assess licensed version.
Assess licenses are based on a one-time fee which depends on which tool/tools (Assessments and/or exams) you choose to license and any unique (vs customary) requirements you might have. Contact us for details.